San Diego Sunset Vacation Rentals Offers Free Bike, Boogey Board, & Nursery Rentals

SAN DIEGO—With a goal of economically meeting the needs of vacation rental guests, San Diego Vacation Rental Company broke with tradition and became the first local company to offer free access to bicycles, boogey boards, horseshoe sets and nursery needs.

“Our guests pay for their accommodations and they shouldn’t have to pay extra for the things that make a beach vacation fun,” said San Diego Sunset President Will Holland. “It was a no-brainer to offer these items to our guests.”
The company, which manages more than 50 Mission Beach and Pacific Beach area vacation rental units, allows families to reserve bicycles for a ride along the beach, boogey boards for some fun in the surf and horseshoe sets for some beach competition.

“We have a lot of families with small children who need cribs, high chairs, strollers and booster seats, but don’t want to haul all those things from home,” Holland explained. “We have them here for our guests to use for free.” San Diego Sunset doesn’t just keep one or two of each recreational or nursery item on hand, but plenty to meet the needs of its guests, according to Holland. “All a guest has to do is reserve the nursery items they need when they make their rental reservations and those nursery items will be waiting for them when they check in.” The bicycles and boogey boards can be reserved up to a day in advance, he said.

“One of the reasons that a vacation rental is such an economical choice is that the accommodations include everything you need for a great beach vacation,” said Holland. “Full kitchens allow you to prepare your own meals, so you save on the cost of eating out. Free recreational rentals and nursery rentals, only add to the savings you enjoy by staying in one of our residences.”

Holland developed his plan for San Diego Sunset Vacation Rentals by considering what he expected, but often didn’t get while traveling. “Too often, I would pay a high price for accommodations, then end up paying even more for some simple needs,” he said. “I want my guests to feel like they have everything they need for a great vacation without spending a lot more money.”

by Suzanne M. Perez

A row of bicycles await free usage by San Diego Sunset Vacation Rental guests.