Steps to Applying for a 9 Month Rental:

  1. Schedule a tour for any of our student rental properties.
  2. Submit applications for each tenants and their co-signer.
  3. With the application we need a copy of you and your co-signers ID.
  4. Pay $40 application fee. We accept Zelle or Cash. This fee is non-refundable
  5. Our office runs a credit report and reviews the details. 
  6. If addition information is required, our office will contact the applicants
  7. Applicants will be notified if they were approved via email.
  8. If approved, the deposit is due at the time the lease is picked up.
  9. We only accept a cashiers check or money order for the deposit and first months rent.

Please note: Properties will not be taken off the market until the deposit is paid and the lease is signed by each tenant. 

The deposit is non-refundable.


Q: Do I have to have a co-signer? 

A: It is not required, however, we do run a credit check. If the applicants credit score is low we will require a co-signer.

Q: Does my co-signer have to fill out an application? 

A: Every tenant will need to fill out an application and each tenant will need their own co-signer to fill out and application and send a copy of their ID’s. 

Q: Do I need to put my SSN on the application?

A: Yes. Both the applicant and co-signer need to provide their SSN. We will use it to run the credit check and cannot move forward in the application process without it.

Q: How to pay rent each month?

A: We accept Zelle, wire transfer, or personal checks (after the first months rent which must be paid as cashiers check).